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M.D.A. - The Future of Missions

Ever longed to see God work, completely transforming people spiritually, mentally and physically? God worked powerfully through the early Christian church to establish his Kingdom, and we have patterned our church structure after Jesus’ own ministry and that of the early Christian church. Here's the breakdown of M.D.A.


MDA (“Modelo de Discipulado Apostólico” or “Apostolic Discipleship Model” in English) is, at it’s very heart, one-to-one discipleship. Every member of our churches has a discipler of the same sex who encourages the disciple’s growth in every way. The discipler is there for accountability, friendship, spiritual authority as well as development of gifts, talents and character. A discipler shows not just what it means to be a Christian, but how to live it. Intentional one-to-one discipleship is having a profound impact in the amazing life-transformations we see here. PAZ, our headquarters in Brazil, has produced books, manuals and DVDs (in Portuguese) to detail and guide this powerful process. (see Project Amazon website)


Apostolic discipleship model

Cell Groups

Each member of the church is also involved in a cell group. These cell groups make up the heart of the church and meet each week. The goal of the cell group is to multiply disciple-making disciples that lead their own disciple-making cell groups. As a cell group grows to around 20 people, it multiplies into two cell groups and a disciple of the previous leader assumes leadership of the new cell. God-gifted leaders naturally rise to top leadership positions within the church cell structure through growing and multiplying cells and leaders. When a PAZ Japan church needs a pastor, they look to who has already proven themself a faithful servant in M.D.A.

Cell Group Meeting

PAZ Japan Cell Group

The Local Church

A local church is made up of it’s cell groups. PAZ Japan's churches are not churches that have cell groups, but rather churches comprised of cell groups. Cell groups are not a ministry of the local church, but they are the local church. Each local PAZ Japan church makes up a part of the overall Kingdom of God.

MDA has been so successful because it is biblically founded and guided by the Holy Spirit. People who were once lost are now reaching the lost. Places that are now the mission field are becoming tomorrow’s mission-sending field! And this is only the beginning!

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